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Why I Do, What I Do

Hello I am Lou Rendemonti. I grew up in a family that owned a small business. My dad owned and operated a full service car wash. I worked in that car wash every single weekend of my adolescence from age 12 until through college. I never was allowed to play team sports because I had to help with the car wash, because our livelihood depended on the weather, my father constantly lived in a world of fear and scarcity. If it rained for two weeks my Father had to borrow money from the bank to make payroll, and pay all the bills. When it was sunny, he made lots of money only to have to pay the bank back for the loan he needed during the periods of bad weather. Hence it was a constant see saw of borrowing and paying back.

He never had the opportunity to save money outside of the business,  in retirement plans, investment portfolios or other long term savings plans.  My Dads plan was to eventually sell the business and live off the proceeds for the rest of his life.  No one coached my Dad that inflation , planned obsolescence, stock market losses, increased taxation and other real needs of living would eat away at my Dad’s nest egg. My father never really knew how long the money would last.  We lived in fear that  my parents would not have enough  assets and suffer potentially devastating consequences.

Lucky for his “retirement plan “, but unlucky for him and his children, he contracted lung cancer about ten years after he sold the business at age 75. He was about one year away from running completely out of money. Had he not contracted Lung Cancer my brother and I would have been my Dad’s retirement plan. It may be no surprise that Why I do what I do is because I never want my family or my clients to ever be in constant fear of not having enough money to live a financially secure future.

 Living in Fear and Scarcity is not living at all.

This life experience is Why I created my own firm  and specialize in helping individuals protect their hard earned assets, which they spend their entire lives creating. If I do my job right, my clients can live with the knowledge that their long term interests are protected. My clients say that ” Lou is a backstop in my financial plan and  strategy, and he  helps bring a sense of order to the future possibilities that we all face. With a little planning and a strategy, most people can have a life that is truly “rich” and abundant.

However, it takes a plan.

I am committed  and passionate about helping my clients with that plan. My goal is to help clients build a lifetime of income, safe and secure,  from the various wealth eroding factors that can cause havoc on a financial plan.

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